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Dr. Gwen Maxwell, MD is a Plastic Surgeon who is known for her dedication to bring smiles to thousands of patients. S

Dr. Gwen Maxwell, MD is a Plastic Surgeon who is known for her dedication to bring smiles to thousands of patients. She practices at Tucson in Arizona.  Having expertise in Breast Implant Revision, Chin Implant, Lip Augmentation, Mimi Tummy Tuck and other important plastic procedures, she completed her medical education from the University of New Mexico.  She started her Residency as a Plastic Surgery at Michigan State University to gain more experience in her area. She also got the privilege to work as a fellow at Eastern Virginia Medical School. Her certification with the American Board of Plastic Surgery adds extra loyalty in her service. Dr. Maxwell is the member of American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) and American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).

 Dr. Gwen Maxwell Medical Education

Board Certification :-

  • American Board of Plastic Surgery
  • Undergraduate :-

    University of New Mexico

    Medical :-

    MD, University of New Mexico

    Residencies :-

    Plastic Surgery, Michigan State University

    Fellowships :-

    Eastern Virginia Medical School

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    Horrible experience

    1/ 5

    Dr. Maxwell was my surgeon for a tummy tuck and breast lift with implants. The tummy tuck was so tight I was left in a bent over position. I was told I would have to slowly stretch and pull the skin to be able to get into a standing position. This left huge stretched scars. I was cut almost completely in half for the tummy tuck, leaving around 3 inches of skin connected on my back. The weight from my lower half of the body was excruciating. I also was left with a huge “Ken doll” mons pubis and kept being told that it would eventually go away. It’s been 12 years and I still have it. Its horribly embarrassing. My right breast had way too much tissue and fat cut away, which caused her to use some sort of threading to hold things together so the implant wouldn’t fall. Unfortunately, in the first month after surgery, while doing my squeeze exercises, I heard a loud pop and the implant fell enough to where you could visually the difference of the right breast lower than the left. I was told it was due to size of the implant even though you could feel a huge gaping hole and the thinned out area just in the spot where it popped. It didnt feel that way on the other side. You could still feel a large layer of fat and tissue and it felt natural. They refused to fix anything or even help with the issues. Both breasts didnt heal well. My skin under the breasts where the incision was died and turned black. They kept wet packing it and cutting away skin. The result is huge jagged, keloid scar. Both breasts point outward toward my under arms and my nipples got sewn on sideways, which is ridiculous because she had the holes from my nipple piercings to guide her to the right way. Once she had my money, all the kindness and concern woth her and her staff went out the window. The procedures were done in office (she has a hospital type operating room attached) and the second I woke up, I was pushed out the door and sent home. I should’ve been in the hospital at least a day with the amount of pain and immobility I was left in, not to mention the shock my body was in from being chopped almost in half. I’ve had a ton of depression and body image issues due to how my body looked after these surgeries. I understood there would be some scars but not 3 inch scars around my waist, keloid scars under my breasts, a pubis mound that is so huge it looks like a have a penis under my swim suit, a left breast hanging lower than the right, nipples that are crooked, and pointing outward….

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