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88% of American Adults have “insulin resistance” that causes obesity and diabetes (Diabesity). In fact, half the world is now fat, diabetic and s

88% of American Adults have “insulin resistance” that causes obesity and diabetes
(Diabesity). In fact, half the world is now fat, diabetic and sick. Until recently erectile
dysfunction (ED) clients were led to believe it was an inevitable consequence of
advancing age or was brought on by emotional problems.
We know now that ED, in most cases, is due to vascular and neurogenic changes brought
on by diabesity in the large majority of men with ED. In fact, the onset of ED occurs 15-
20 years earlier in men with diabetes compared to men without diabetes.

We pride ourselves on a “whole person” approach focused on the root-cause of ED
especially in reversing Diabesity together with several novel treatments that have been
developed more recently. Every man with diabetes can have his ED reversed! It is
important that men realize that ED is the ‘canary in the coal mine’ and often indicates that
they may have heart disease. With our 4 Week Diabesity Cure we are able to take men
off their medication including insulin and reverse 22 out of 26 risk factors for heart disease.
In addition, we will reverse any fatty liver disease and other Cardio-Metabolic disease.
I have been fortunate to introduce this program in several Centers around the world and
use Continuous Sugar Monitoring and implement a Keto Diet with Intermittent Fasting
(See 4 Week Diabesity Cure by Graham Simpson, MD).

We provide you with your own Diabesity APP to track your progress and provide you with
the information to begin to reverse your diabesity. We also introduce you to a combination
of therapies tailored to your particular problem including oral medications, injectable
drugs, vacuum devices, acoustic wave therapy, P-shot, hormones, peptides, pellets and
stem cell treatments.
We look forward to seeing you at American Male Wellness.


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Treatments offered by Dr. Dr. Sheep at  Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

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    Treatments offered by Dr. Dr. Sheep at Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

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