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Dr. Derby Sang Caputo, MD is a Plastic Surgeon at Santo Domingo in Distrito Nacional DO. He completed his medical s

Dr. Derby Sang Caputo, MD is a Plastic Surgeon at Santo Domingo in Distrito Nacional DO. He completed his medical school from Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE) and joined Jalisco Reconstructive Surgery Institute as a Resident to complete his post medical training.

 Dr. Derby Sang Medical Education

Medical :-

Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE)

Residencies :-

Jalisco Reconstructive Surgery Institute, Mexico

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I Woke Up Paralyzed!

1/ 5

I had my procedure a little over 3 years ago now. After doing extensive online research to find a doctor for hair restoration, I met Dr. Derby’s receptionist Vanessa who happens to be the receptionist for the Dr. that did my hair restoration (I’ll do a review on her in another post). I actually had an appointment to have my TT and BA done by another doctor in the DR but she has had women to die on her table or shortly afterwards and that was a big concern for me. After explaining this to Vanessa, she recommended Dr. Derby and assured me that he has never lost a patient and does amazing work. Before I knew it, I was on Dr. Derby’s scheduling book for cosmetic surgery. Red flag no#1 was when I sent my money to him via Western Union. When he received my money, Vanessa said that he was charged a fee and felt that I needed to reimburse him for the fee- I thought that was very strange to ask the patient to reimburse him Western Union fees but I reluctantly did it. Fast forward…. I’m in the DR! Vanessa picked me up from the airport and I found her to be very nice and professional. I had no choice but to trust her at this point in my journey so I did. After having my hair procedure the next day I was in Dr. Derby’s clinic for a BA and TT. Met the Anesthesiologist, took the little pill and I awakened from surgery paralyzed on my lower left side. To say that I was terrified is an understatement! I was there alone, paralyzed and scared. Dr. Derby acted promptly and personally took me to a hospital where he and another doctor removed the stitches from my hair transplant early because they needed to do xrays to find out what happened to me. I cried… I was so scared and depressed. Their was a hospital worker that just stood there staring at me as if I were some freak and I asked the Dr. to close the curtain to give me some privacy, which he did. The entire ordeal was pure hell! After the xray (I was in some tunnel like thing- like a chamber where they did a full body scan) I was sent to another hospital to recuperate, this part adds insult to injury. With all of the female nurses that were there, they sent a MAN into my room to clean my naked behind! I was humiliated, felt dehumanized and scared. I didn’t know if I were going to be raped that night at that hospital I couldn’t believe that they sent a man in to wipe me, I didn’t know what to else to expect so when Dr. Derby returned to check on me, I voiced my concerns with him and they assigned a woman to stay in my room with me until it was time for me to be discharged. I was told by Dr. Derby that my spinal cord was bruised during the insertion of the anesthesia, but that I should be back to normal in one year. He seemed generally concerned about my well-being, or scared of a lawsuit because afterwards he told me about his son and other personal things about himself- so, I don’t know- I’m just speculating. Vanessa’s husband (Dr. Derby’s receptionist) gave me a few sessions of physical therapy to try to strengthen my left leg. I literally had to learn how to use my left leg again, little did I now how serious my situation was until I returned back to the United States. When it was time for me to leave, I was taken to the airport, put in a wheelchair and left to fend for myself. I’m fighting tears as I type this because I feel as if I’m reliving the ordeal over again. I was met at the airport by my daughter who cried when she saw me. I was bloated and paralyzed with fluids leaking from my body staining my clothing. I smelled- it was awful. She drove me home and her and other family members carried me into my house. My family were beyond words when he saw me. I found a nurse that would come to my house to give me messages and help me with my leg and because I couldn’t move it, I had to use more of my stomach muscles and other muscles to lay down and get up from her message table that I caused stitches to come undone- It was a NIGHTMARE! But, Dr. Derby assured me that I would be back to normal in one year so I believed him since he’s a doctor. I assumed that perhaps this has happened to one of his patients before. One year came and left with very little improvement- there was indeed some improvement, but I still could not run, walk fast or walk without using a walker. I slept in a recliner for almost an entire year! Dr. Derby did call me a few months afterwards asking me for photos. I told him that I still couldn’t walk and that some stitches came loose but he didn’t seem to care, he said that he needed those pictures for his job so I had my daughter to take photos and send them to him. He wasn’t satisfied with what I sent and wanted more but I didnt send them because he seemed to be more concerned about my photos than my recovery progress. When I saw my before and after photos on his site, I noticed immediately that my after photo was photo-shopped! My “after” photo was airbrushed to make my skin appear smoother and the scars that were left on my body from surgery were erased. I was so livid to see that! It was a lie! Those “before and after” photos are doctored to give the impression that he can make you look like a model and it’s not true. Today for me is over three years since I had my procedure. My left leg will never be the same again. I have lower back pain so severe that I have to sleep with a hot water bottle and I have to wear special shoes to help absorb shock. I as today, I can not run but hopefully that will change in the future. I’m 52 years old and was very active prior to the procedure. It’s very difficult for me to go up and downstairs in my home due to the damage that was done to my spinal cord during the procedure. I am planning on selling my house if I can find a house that is easier for me to live in. I reached out to the clinic a few months ago and expressed my feelings to Vanessa to relay to Dr. Derby. I expressed to her that because of the Dr.s negligence I will never be able to play with my grandchildren or take a morning jog like I used to- I am in constant pain that is unbearable at times. She immediately explained that it was not the Dr’s fault but that of the anesthesiologist named Dr. Cuesto at Plastimedic clinic. She said that the clinic has offered $8000 (eight thousand dollars) in compensation just as an acknowledgement of wrong doing and I guess to say that they are sorry. You see, after two years it’s too late to sue for damages, and unfortunately I didn’t know that the statue of limitations for DR is only 2 years, so I accepted the offer of $8,000. I contacted her on May 19, 2019 and she has been making outlandish excuses since then as to why I have not received their offer of $8,000. I’m so disgusted by the way I’ve been treated during the whole ordeal. I TRUSTED Vanessa and defended her in the face of my family members who suspected that she wasn’t an honest person. Vanessa has been buying time for some reason by lying to me, making me believe that the doctors involved are really concerned when actually they are not. My family wanted to expose Dr Derby and the anesthesiologist a long time ago but Vanessa told “my daughter” that if they report this on Social Media that they wouldn’t give me any compensation. I’m exposing this now because it is apparent to me that the clinic is not going to compensate me, it doesn’t take 8 months to mail a check to someone for compensation. I don’t hear from Vanessa unless I initiate an inquiry regarding the clinic and it’s position as far as my case is concerned. I should have exposed this a long time ago, but I wanted to be fair and give myself time to heal and I didn’t want to hurt Dr. Derby’s reputation because according to him, it was the anesthesiologist who was negligent, but he works for Dr. Derby. Any person who is considering going to the DR (specifically Dr. Derby) should know what happened to me, and I have a feeling that this isn’t the first time that something terrible has happened with his clinic. They have a way of doctoring stories and photo’s to give a false impression of what really happens after surgery. I am grateful that I am still alive to share this story as I sit here in excruciating pain from a spinal cord injury that was caused by the negligence of Dr. Derby’s anesthesiologist.

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