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Drawbacks of Clinical (in-office) teeth whitening

While professional teeth whitening measures are quickly gaining popularity amongst the yellow-t..

Comparison of Home remedies teeth whitening and Clinical teeth whitening

Brushing your teeth twice a day just doesn’t seem to cut it anymore. With a million different..

Home treatments for teeth whitening

Cosmetic dental treatment with regards to teeth whitening is a relatively new phenomenon compar..

Breast Reduction: Do-It-Yourself!

For all the cosmetic surgery involved in breast reduction, there are indeed methods that can be..

Beware of Breast Implants!

For many women breast implants are a means for them to live a normal life. Breast implants prov..

What’s all the Chitter-Chatter about Breast Implants?

There is an inherent code of gossip that lies at the center of each society. Everyone is, at so..

Best methods to shave stubborn body hair in the most optimal way

We all have our comfort zones when it comes to hair removal methods. Some prefer waxing, some p..

Getting Some New Teeth

For those of you who have an incomplete smile, dentures are the answer. Dentures, or false teet..

Advantages and Disadvantages of Arm Lift Surgery

In today’s day and age almost every part of the body can be enhanced to the person’s privat..

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